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May 21, 2009 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized)

So it has been a while since my last post.  In my defense the living room was rearranged and the computer moved to an end table and the keyboard in an awkward position and being as big as a house and cranky I didn’t ever really feel like blogging from there.  But now the bedroom is clean and the laptop on the desk (which is now usable!)  and it is mighty nice to have a comfortable seat and computer to use.

So now I have Jack watching Pooh on the bed (i.e. bugging me as I sit at the desk and play with the computer) and I decided to sit back here with him.  Also helps that it is hotter than hell and the desktop has been overheating lately.  Worried?  Yes, but there are more important things to worry about.

Like the baby, for example.  Lilith is scheduled for June 2nd, but the increase in the cramps, contractions and the intensity of her movements makes us think she might be as impatient as I am.  Are we ready?  Sort of.  Nursery is a disaster (until Saturday) and the bag is half packed.  Clothes and snacks and cameras are in, laptop needs packed as does DVDs, music, toothbrushes, etc.

The knitting bag is ready to go.  I might add some more colors for Brett’s Dr. Who scarf, because I just might be too doped up to handle anything but garter stitch.  But I have made cheat sheets for my next three afghan squares and I have 2 socks on the needles, plus Lily’s lace.  All ready to go.

And speaking of ready to go…

Ready to pop

Ready to pop

Jack decorated the belly, and his nose:

IT was all fun and games until he rubbed finger paint in his eyes.  Then after a too short nap (did I mention it is friggin’ hot?) we took a walk, and we had to stop several times so I could smooch his eyes and nose and ears since he kept getting smacked by passing gnats.  Cute as hell, the way he cries and points and asks for a “mooch.”  And Mooches make it all better.

On to the knitting…

I finished Lily’s booties.  They had been done for a while, but I added the buttons.

And I knit her a hat this week, The Miss Dashwood hat.  I knit it in a cotton-wool blend so it would work as a sun hat this summer, and it is neat.  It has ear flaps that can button up into the hat on warm days or keep little ears warm on cool nights.

And of course, as with all my knitting, Jack had to model it:

I also managed to finish Mom’s sweater.  It has been done and buttons added last Friday.

And I have begun the Great American Aran Afghan, or GAAA.  I’m working on my third square.  Jack knows it will be a blanket so he has snatched the completed squares out of the knitting bag and laid them across his lap as a blanket.  Here they are:

Meredith Morioka Square

Meredith Morioka Square

Georgia Vincent square

Georgia Vincent square

We also need to introduce Isabelle Victoria Studebaker:

And, since I don’t think he has made an appearance yet, our first cat (pictured with Izzy), Petie Rodriguez Jones:

And now that you are all suitably bored, I will sign off for now.  Maybe next time we will have some baby pics to share 🙂


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